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Our sustainability vision is aligned with our purpose “Making space for greatness” which is designed to address the needs of all our stakeholders.

Sustainability strategy 

Goodman is a leader in environmental social governance (ESG). We have a long-term, people-focused approach that looks to achieve positive outcomes for our business, our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.

Building a platform for authentic and positive change over the next decade is important to Goodman. We will continue to work closely with our customers, our investors and our people to decarbonise, to mitigate climate risk and to boost biodiversity.

Goodman’s 2030 Sustainability Strategy is about transitioning our business into a truly resilient and low-carbon company. The strategy is based on our people and culture, our engagement with stakeholders and our status as a trusted investment manager and partner in the community. It shapes all aspects of Goodman’s business and is one important way we measure our success.


Our sustainability strategy is based around three pillars:

1. Sustainable properties

Our sustainably designed, energy-efficient  and professionally managed properties are strategically located and designed to meet the business needs of our customers, and to remain resilient to global needs.


  • 100% renewable energy use by 2025
  • 100MW of solar installed by 2025
  • Carbon neutral operations by 2025. Achieved.
  • Maintain >95% portfolio occupancy rate. Achieved.

2. People and culture

Our workplaces promote the health, safety and well-being of our people and our customers. Our people are recruited and rewarded based on their commitment to our values, their expertise and their long-term strategic and ethical thinking.


  • Zero workforce fatalities
  • Global supply chain ethics policy by 2022
  • Overall gender ratio of 50/50 and 40% of senior executives to be women
  • 100% of employees assessed as demonstrating Goodman’s values. Achieved.

3. Corporate performance

Our capital structure is sustainable and we have a positive impact in our global communities through the Goodman Foundation. We promote strong leadership and governance, engage regularly with our stakeholders and measure and disclose our financial and community impact.


  • Retain investment grade credit rating. Achieved.
  • TCFD compliance by 2022. Achieved.
  • $50 million social investment by the Goodman Foundation by 2030
  • 4 Star GRESB rating average. Achieved.


Customer value through sustainability initiatives

Our properties are designed to be as climate resilient as possible and include sustainable features that create greater amenity as well as appeal to changing customer needs.


We will be installing more than 100MW of solar panels by 2025, which will reduce on-site operational costs for our customers.

By installing 250kW per 10,000 sqm of space on all future developments, the annual benefit to the customer is approximately $2.5 per sqm. Our standard solar specification allows improved quality, lower maintenance and metering to capture data and measure performance.

We aim to achieve the best performance outcomes, roof height safety, natural light.

  • Commitment: 100MW solar installation across our Australian portfolio by 2025.


Water saving initiatives at our properties:

Water efficient fixtures and fittings.

  • Commitment: Currently in place.

Native landscaping and drought tolerant plants.

  • Commitment: Standard.

Stormwater treatment prior to release.

  • Commitment: Standard.

Rainwater harvesting tanks for water reuse in toilets and landscaping.

  • Commitment: 100% by June 2023.

Smart irrigation to save water in irrigation.

  • Commitment: 100% by June 2022 (achieved).

Potable water smart metering to enable proactive management of water across our portfolio.

  • Commitment: 100% by December 2021 (achieved).


LED lighting + light sensors

LED lighting lasts up to 10 times longer and can result in energy savings of 65-80% compared with halogen. This reduces replacement costs, the number of light bulbs in landfill, and provides optimum lighting comfort. In addition, lights are used only when required due to motion sensors in bathrooms, stairwells and storerooms.

  • Commitment: 100% of the portfolio will have LEDs by June 2024.


Green Building Certification

Our standard design brief achieves a 5 star Green Star Design and As Built v1.3 rating. Goodman welcomes the opportunity to explore, with our customers, minimum property performance requirements.

  • Commitment: Currently obtaining a GBCA Green Star volume certification.


NABERS Energy Ratings

We are improving energy efficiency in our office portfolio through LED lighting, HVAC upgrades and continuous monitoring and management.

  • Commitment: Target NABERS Energy 5-star rating average across the office portfolio.



HVAC systems accounts for approximately 30% of office energy consumption. Through Buildings Alive, our building managers identify opportunities for energy efficiency and fine tune the HVAC system.

  • Commitment: We continuously monitor and manage energy usage to optimise efficiency at all office locations.


Electric Vehicles

We dedicate car spaces for electric vehicles, including a minimum allocation for all new developments, encouraging reduced emissions.

  • Commitment: We’re developing a portfolio-wide EV strategy.



We have landscaping guidelines for the design and maintenance of each Goodman property. Drought tolerant, native plants and sandstone aggregate are specified to minimise irrigation water.

  • Commitment: Landscaping guidelines provide consistency of outdoor presentation.


Ethical procurement

Due diligence has been undertaken on all contractors to manage compliance with modern slavery legislation.

  • Commitment: We are advancing initiatives for well-being, equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion.


Health and well-being

We are passionate about the health and well-being of our customers.

Some amenities on site include:

  • High comfort breakout spaces
  • External recreation facilities
  • External picnic and eating areas
  • Sustainable gardens
  • End of trip facilities
  • Fitness equipment
  • Food and beverage options
  • Child care facilities.



Carbon neutral operations

We achieved carbon neutral status for our Australian operations by reducing emissions through energy efficiency initiatives, including expanding our rooftop solar installations, and purchasing high-quality Australian decarbonisation offsets. We will continue to maintain carbon neutral status in the years ahead.

Reducing embodied carbon 

Looking to the future and demonstrating our commitment to meaningful action on climate change, Goodman is reducing carbon in the development process. We now calculate the embodied carbon on all new development projects. This critical step enables us to minimise our impact on the environment.


In an effort to reduce waste to landfill, we have with some of Sydney’s leading zoos to supply them with tree cuttings and foliage from on-site greenery for food and habitat for their animals.


We now have 100% GreenPower supplying electricity to all Australian properties under our operational control. This demonstrates our commitment to a low carbon future.

Electric vehicles

Goodman has committed to a $10 million global electric vehicle incentive for staff, over a five-year period, supporting the transition to a low carbon future. We have also committed to a minimum 5% allocation of car spaces for electric vehicles on all new developments.

Sustainable Garden

At Eastern Creek, we have constructed a fully sustainable garden comprising 23 edible garden beds with stingless native bees, compost, worm farm and permaculture practices. This provides a fantastic space for customers to connect with nature and encourage positive health and well-being.

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

Goodman has committed to a Reflect RAP, demonstrating our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion within our business and for the benefit of the communities in which we operate.